"An exquisite match of dog to master, the Wickan cattle-dog is a vicious, unpredictable breed, compact yet powerful, though by far its most notable characteristic is its stubborn will."
―Lives of the Conquered
Ilem Trauth[src]

A Wickan cattle-dog was a Wickan canine bred for its ferocity. Weighing sixty pounds at maturity, these huge, muscular dogs were trained to pull riders from their horses during combat.[1] They were described as mottled and tawny in colour, and were capable of disappearing in tall grass.[2][3] Captain Lull advised non-Wickans against making eye contact with the dogs.[4]

Notable Wickan cattle-dogsEdit

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Coltaine's Wickan soldiers brought a pack of cattle-dogs to Seven Cities before the rebellion known as the Whirlwind that later helped protect and defend the refugees known as the Chain of Dogs from the Army of the Apocalypse. The dogs were used to great effect at the Battle of Gelor Ridge by the Weasel Clan to eliminate enemy cavalry.[5]

Notes and referencesEdit

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