The White Face were a group of twenty-seven Barghast tribes that lived in the mountains to the north of Capustan on the continent of Genabackis.[1]

Known tribesEdit

In Memories of Ice Edit

Over one hundred thousand of the White Face Barghast answered Humbrall Taur's call to counsel as well as gathering to witness Trotts challenge to become a warleader of the clan.[2]

Following the fight and finding out that the Founding Spirits of the Barghast had awakened but were trapped in Capustan, the White Face eventually agreed to join the war against the Pannion Seer who had recently laid claim to the city of Capustan.[3]

The White Face were instrumental in lifting the Siege of Capustan[4] and afterwards profited greatly by selling food and supplies to the city's survivors.[5] They also successfully retrieved the bodies of their ancestors.[6]

Taur's warriors accompanied their Malazan allies to Coral where they participated in the Battle of Black Coral that ended the war.[7] Afterwards, they returned to their lands in the Barghast Range.[8]

In Dust of Dreams Edit

After Humbrall Taur's death, Onos T'oolan rose to become warchief of the White Face.

In The Crippled God Edit

The Forkrul Assail spoke of the White Face Barghast with deep hatred. They referred to them as humans who mocked the Assail appearance with white paint and slayed their kind using armour and weapons suited only for fighting the Assail, such as the Gilk turtle armour.[9]

Notes and referencesEdit

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