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Biographical information
PseudonymsIskar Jarak
Died1164 Burn's Sleep
Appearancegrey eyes
FamilyDunsparrow (sister)
Social information
AffiliationHigh House Death
Malazan Empire
High House War
RankHigh Fist, then later Sergeant
Title(s)Guardians of the Dead

'Whiskeyjack' Interpretation by Corporal Nobbs

Sergeant Whiskeyjack was a past commander of the 2nd Army[1], one of the Old Guard. He commanded utter loyalty from his soldiers and respect from his enemies. Post the events of Gardens of the Moon, Whiskeyjack struck up a good rapport with Anomander Rake and it was mentioned in passing how they both were more alike than different.

Under the EmperorEdit

During the Siege of Y'Ghatan, Dassem Ultor turned over the battle to the sub-commanders of the 3rd Army, Whiskeyjack amongst them[2].

At some point, Whiskeyjack's 7th Company, of either the 2nd or 3rd army (seeTalk:Whiskeyjack), chased down a cabal of mages across the Pan'potsun Waste and the Holy Desert, Raraku[3]. It was during this pursuit that Whiskeyjack first encountered Quick Ben and Kalam.

Under the EmpressEdit

When the Empress took the Imperial Throne she inverted the command structure. Commander Whiskeyjack was demoted to the rank of Sergeant and placed in the ninth squad of the Bridgeburners. Although wounded by this dishonour, Whiskeyjack didn't talk about it, and soldiered on.

In Gardens of the MoonEdit


Whiskeyjack during the prologue of Gardens of the Moon, Interpretation (by Toraneko)


In the 1154th year of Burn's Sleep, the 12 year old Ganoes Paran met a Commander of the Malazan Army, later identified as Whiskeyjack, whom he recognized by his regimental acroutements as a Commander in the Third and a Bridgeburner[4]. Whiskeyjack was overseeing the deployment of troops to quell riots in the Mouse Quarter. His encounter with Surly indicated a certain amount of antagonism between them[5].

Whiskeyjack was described as looking young for a Commander. He had a scarred face and grey eyes. He was wearing armour which included vambraced forearms and a scabbarded longsword. On his dark grey shoulder cloak was a Bridgeburner silver brooch: a bridge of stone, lit by ruby flames[6].

After putting down the riots in the Mouse Quarter, Whiskeyjack and his new recruits left Malaz City on transports for an unspecified location[7].

Main StoryEdit

Whiskeyjack was Sergeant of the 9th Squad of the Bridgeburners[1]. During the Siege of Pale eight of the fifteen members of his squad perished. Kalam pulled some strings and through his sources discovered that some unknown persons high up in the Malazan Imperial order had marked the Bridgeburners for death.

A small number of Bridgeburners with Whiskeyjack in charge, were sent to Darujhistan on what they viewed as a suicide mission. To avoid that fate, they changed the original plan and instead mined the streets with explosives, enough to level large portions of the city. They then began to await their cue. In the distance, a Jaghut Tyrant was unleashed by Adjunct Lorn and Tool. During the ensuing encounters, Whiskeyjack's leg got badly broken when part of a pillar fell on top of it[8].

Dujek recalled him to be his second-in-command at the end of Gardens of the Moon.

In Memories of IceEdit


Whiskeyjack, Interpretation by Toraneko

As a member of Dujek Onearm's rebel army Whiskeyjack became Onearm's 2nd, and was reinstated as a Commander. Along with Onearm, Whiskeyjack managed to attain an alliance with Caladan Brood in the fight against the Pannion Dominion. During this time he forged a bond with Korlat.

Dujek explained to Whiskeyjack how the Empress had inverted the command structure to prepare for the eventual return of The Emperor and Dancer when competent men like Whiskeyjack would be needed in the front lines to counter them.

Near the end of Memories of Ice, Whiskeyjack defended Silverfox from a traitorous attack by Kallor. In the ensuing duel, the leg wound from Darujhistan, which Mallet had offered to heal time and again, caused Whiskeyjack's leg to buckle, giving Kallor the opportunity to kill him[9].

In Toll the HoundsEdit

It was revealed that the Bridgeburners once slain had ascended due to the Tanno Spiritwalker, Kimloc's song combined with the Master of the Deck's blessing of the Bridgeburners' corpses interred in the ruins of Moon's Spawn. The ascended Bridgeburners were led to battle the growing chaos inside Dragnipur by Whiskeyjack, though the name he used was his old Seven Cities moniker, Iskar Jarak.

In The BonehuntersEdit

While travelling in the Jhag Odhan, Samar Dev along with Karsa Orlong, met with Boatfinder, a tribal chieftien, who revealed that Whiskeyjack, using the Seven Cities moniker, Iskar Jarak, warned the tribal people of Ugari and Anibar of a time of great slaying, and in a time of great peril, wielders of birth-stones (Karsa's flint sword) would come to defend them. Samar Dev later revealed that "King Iskar Jarak" had a bridge, and it was burning. [10]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Whiskeyjack and his Bridgeburners returned as guardians and arbiters of Hood's Gate.

In The Crippled GodEdit

Whiskeyjack lead his fellow Bridgeburners to aid the forces of the Bonehunters against the Assail armies. After the battle Whiskeyjack was granted one final moment with Korlat. It was remarked that he had eternity to wait for her, and that he would.

Family and early yearsEdit

It is possible that Iskar Jarak was Whiskeyjack's original name but there was no concusive proof. He was a mason before becoming a soldier. He also had a sister, Dunsparrow, who was last seen escaping from Y'Ghatan with Leoman of the Flails in The Bonehunters. In a conversation about siblings, Whiskeyjack made the observation that a scar on his forearm was caused by having been bitten by a five year old girl when he was sixteen. He described it as the first fight he ever lost[11]. The context seems to infer that he was referring to a sister, possibly Dunsparrow.


For speculations about the name 'Iskar Jarak', see the following forum thread: Does Whiskeyjack have an alter ego

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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