The Whirlwind Goddess was the title given to the goddess inhabiting Raraku on the Seven Cities continent that inspired the Apocalypse and the rebellion known as the Whirlwind. She was worshipped fervently by the people of Seven Cities. Her high priestess was Sha'ik.

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

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Deadhouse Gates.
After Sha'ik was replaced by Felisin (who came to be known as Sha'ik Reborn), the Whirlwind Goddess' power was unveiled when Felisin dared Leoman to open the Book of Dryjhna.[1]

In House of Chains Edit

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House of Chains.

It was revealed that the Whirlwind Goddess, who was once the Imass wife of Onrack, became so enraged by his adultery with Kilava Onass that she carried her rage even unto undeath as a T'lan Imass. Sensing this, other T'lan Imass of her tribe imprisoned her within the fragment of a Warren that would become Raraku. Somehow, her imprisonment caused her to gain power and influence amongst the humans that eventually settled there.

She was assassinated, consumed by forces of High House Chains, leading to Sha'ik Reborn's death.

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