Vengeance (or Grief) was a sword that was forged by the renowned Tiste Andii armourer Hust Henarald at the behest of Anomander Rake. Rake gave it to his brother Andarist who used it while defending the Throne of Shadow on Drift Avalii. Thereafter, the sword was wielded by Traveller.[1]

The sword itself was two handed, extraordinarily thin with a long tapered tip, edges on both side and twin fluted. Its surface was a strangely mottled oily blue, magenta and silver and the grip was round instead of flat. The pommel had a single sphere of hematite.[2]

Andarist: "There are many names for this particular sword. Its maker named it Vengeance. T’an Aros, in our language. But I call it K’orladis."
Cutter: "Which means?"
Andarist: "Grief."
―Andarist and Cutter, talking about Grief[src]

Furthermore, while the sword was not invested with warren magic, the power of the sword lay in the focused intent of its creation. If the wielder had a singular will, it could not be defeated.[3]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Weakened by his encounter with the Thaumaturg Jhest Golanjar, Traveller struggled with the sword's constant whispers. He experienced weeping, convulsions, and fever. His Thel Akai companion Ereko said the blade had held many names over the ages, including Anger, Rage, and Vengeance. Traveller had chosen Vengeance and the choice "eats at him like acid."[4]

"That is not a blade meant for any human, no matter who. It brings with it the memories of terrible things. Bloodshed, yes. But much worse -- acts of cruelty and soul-corroding anguish."

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Vengeance was forged at Rake's request and, unlike other Hust swords, its voice could only be heard by its owner.[5] Hust forged the sword in a secret place known to few Azathanai that was the site of the first forge and the first fire.[6] To Galar Baras the weapon felt as heavy as an anvil, but in Rake's hand it was as light as a reed.[7] Rake was angered when Mother Dark refused to bless the weapon.[8]

Notes and referencesEdit

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