Velbara was a young Capan recruit to the Grey Swords.[1] Ganoes Paran described her face as undistinguished and middle-aged before realising how young she was.[2] She was a woman of few words.[3]

Her armour was plain and old.[2]

In Memories of IceEdit

Shortly after joining the Grey Swords she accompanied a cavalry patrol outside the city led by the Shield Anvil Itkovian. The patrol was attacked by an undead K'Chain Che'Malle K'ell Hunter and two-thirds of the soldiers were killed. Itkovian attempted to spare her from further horrors by sending her back to the city while the patrol continued. But the Shield Anvil was pleased when Velbara refused to be sent away.[4]

Velbara was with the patrol when it rescued the caravan led by Gruntle, and she tried to comfort him over the loss of his friend Harllo.[5] She later practiced her swordsmanship with Stonny Menackis at the Grey Sword barracks in Capustan, and proved to be a fast learner.[6]

During the Siege of Capustan she served as a messenger. She brought word to Mortal Sword Brukhalian that Rath'Fener demanded he bring his forces to protect the Mask Council at the Thrall. Brukhalian knew the request was a trap, and spared Velbara's life by ordering her to stay behind.[7] When word arrived that Brukhalian and his soldiers had been slain, Velbara demanded that she be punished for delivering the order. Itkovian denied her request and asked her to ride at his side upon Brukhalian's mount when the Grey Swords assaulted the captured Jelarkan's Palace.[8] Afterwards, Itkovian thought she had earned her place as a full Grey Sword soldier and no longer considered her a recruit.[9]

The Grey Swords were all but destroyed by the battle. Only 112 remained and those were largely recruits.[10] Itkovian realised a new Reve must be fashioned and with Fener's fall, a new patron chosen. The order was reconsecrated to Togg and Fanderay, becoming the Grey Swords of the Wolf's Reve. Itkovian attempted to name Velbara the new Mortal Sword, but the Barghast elder women said there was too much caring in her hands. Instead, Velbara was made Destriant to replace the fallen Karnadas.[11]

The Grey Swords alliance of Malazan High Fist Dujek Onearm and Caladan Brood against the Pannion Domin.[12] In one of her first acts as Destriant, Velbara approached Ganoes Paran to request custody of Anaster, the captured leader of the Tenescowri. She promised not to torture the prisoner, but explained that Norul, the new Shield Anvil, planned to take away Anaster's pain. For someone whose entire identity was defined by pain, the results could be similar. Paran gave his blessing to the action, nearly staggering Velbara with the unintended force of the Master of the Deck's judgement.[13]

At the Battle of Black Coral, the Grey Swords rode ahead of Brood's forces to assist Whiskeyjack and Dujek Onearm.[14] Norul volunteered to lead her forces in a likely suicidal charge on the Pannion Domin's undead K'ell Hunters along with Gruntle and his Trake's Legion. Although vastly outpowered, the Grey Swords harried the K'Chain Che'Malle with barbed lances and lassos.[15] Once inside the city, Velbara and the surviving Grey Swords located Dujek and the remains of his army, and brought them out to safety.[16]

After the battle, Velbara presided over the entombment of Itkovian. The Malazan Azra Jael attempted to return the helm he had received in trade from the former Shield Anvil, but Velbara refused the gift in Itkovian's name. But it soon became clear that Jael was only the first of many soldiers of all races that had come to pay their respects. Velbara acceded to their request as the T'lan Imass formed a barrow made of gifts and tokens about Itkovian's body.[17] Later, Velbara accompanied the rebirthed Toc Anaster amongst the Tenescowri, sending healing sorcery to all around.[18]

Notes and referencesEdit

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