Map Seven Cities detail

Seven Cities

Vathar Forest was located on the central portion of the continent of Seven Cities and bordered to the north by the river of the same name. To its east was the Holy City of Ubaryd, to its north was the Ubaryd Odhan, to its northwest were the Ugarat Odhan and the Jhena Mountains, while to its southeast was the Dojal Hading Sea.

The forest was made of cedar trees which were the source of Ubaryd's fame as ship-builders. The forest had once covered both sides of the river, but had been overharvested by the Ubari on the northern side and close to the city.[1]

The forest itself contained a T'lan Imass graveyard of sorts which consisted of petrified trees interspersed with the living vegetation. Cairns made of boulders topped with totemic skulls marked the sites where the T'lan Imass fought ancient battles against their Jaghut foes.[2]

Butterflies made the forest a stop on their annual migrations, covering the forest near the river in unimaginable numbers like an ever moving yellow blanket.[3]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Map Chain of Dogs 2

Map of the Chain of Dogs march, part 2

The rebel armies of the Whirlwind staged a bloody attack on the Chain of Dogs, led by Fist Coltaine, while they attempted a crossing of the river Vathar.[4]

Afterwards, Corporal List brought Imperial Historian Duiker to the ruins of a Jaghut tower in the forest. The tower was the former home of a Jaghut ghost that still mourned the loss of its family in the corporal's dreams.[5]

Notes and referencesEdit

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