Vatha Urusander or Father Light was an Elder God of the Tiste Liosan. In Tiste Andii lore, it was said Mother Dark created him to be her companion.

In Forge of DarknessEdit

It was revealed that he was the father of Osserc and the commander of the Urusander's Legion. During the wars with the Forulkan and Jheleck, Urusander and his Legion were instrumental in saving Kurald Galain from destruction, but afterwards he accepted the Legion's return to a peacetime standing. Urusander retreated to his books and study. Thinking to keep his son out of a life of soldiery, he informed Osserc that he would not inherit command of Urusander's Legion. Osserc felt betrayed and abandoned his father.[1]

Urusander's supporters and former soldiers, especially Hunn Raal, did not agree with his diminished standing and sought to force a political marriage between him and Mother Dark, while plotting to eliminate the ruling nobility through civil war. They began a campaign of violence and instability. Urusander was unaware of the actions Raal took in his name until it was too late and Kurald Galain teetered on the edge of civil war.[2]

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