Ultentha was the Septarch of Coral.[1] The soft-voiced Septarch's most trusted servant was an unnamed Seerdomin.[2]

In Memories of IceEdit

As the Siege of Capustan loomed closer, the Pannion Seer summoned Ultentha to his fastness at Outlook for a consultation. According to First Child Anaster, this led to much speculation among the Pannion courtiers.[3]

Later, Septarch Kulpath was defeated at Capustan by an alliance between Dujek Onearm, Caladan Brood, and Humbrall Taur, and the Seer fled to Coral with his prisoner, Toc the Younger, as Outlook fell to Lady Envy. Much to the Pannion Seer's disgust, Ultentha suggested that Toc the Younger's torment at the hands of the K'Chain Che'Malle Matron be ended. His request was angrily denied and the Seer demanded Ultentha report on the battle to come.[2]

Ultentha informed the Seer that his Winged Ones had driven off the enemy's Great Ravens to thwart their intelligence. The Septarch's plan called for allowing the enemy to gather on the field and then attack them from their hidden positions on the ridgeline to their flank. At the same time, Mage cadres on the walls and Winged Ones from the sky would commence their own attacks. Then Septarch Inal would launch a sortie form the gates.[4]

The Seer demanded that in the coming battle Brood's hammer be delivered to his hands, that the Malazans be annihilated, that the Barghast gods grovel at his feet, and that Itkovian be captured alive to take Toc the Younger's place.[5]

Notes and referencesEdit

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