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Map of Seven Cities

Ugarat was one of Seven Cities' holy cities. It was located on the Ugarat Odhan at the center of the continent. The River Ugarat that passed through the city continued on to Sarpachiya and Nahal before reaching the Clatar Sea. The city of Kayhum was upriver to the northeast.

A Malazan-built imperial road connected the city to Lato Revae.[1] A broad stone bridge crossed the broad River Ugarat within sight of the city's northern walls.[2]

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At the time of the Malazan Empire's conquest of Seven Cities, Ugarat and its tributary cities had been undergoing a renaissance under Holy Falah'd Enqura. The city had supported eleven great schools of learning which were relearning the lost knowledge of the ancient First Empire. This ended when Dassem Ultor seized the city.[2]

But Enqura prepared for the city's fall, directing Febryl to confiscate the schools' hundred thousand scrolls and bound volumes a week before the Mezla arrival. These were burned in a great pyre within the city's coliseum. At the same time, the teachers and scholars were arrested. Many threw themselves upon the fires in anguish as their treasures burned. The rest were crucified and their bodies thrown into pits outside the city walls along with smashed relics of the First Empire. When the Malazans took over they were infuriated to discover the schools empty.[2]

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Karsa Orlong tested his newly acquired steed, Havok, within sight of Ugarat's northern walls. He raced a score of the city's horsemen to reach the river's bridge a full fifty strides ahead of his pursuers.[2]

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