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Area between Hissar and Ubaryd

Ubaryd [OOb-ar-id] was one of the Holy Cities of Seven Cities. It was located on the south coast of the subcontinent on the Dojal Hading Sea.[1] It was a two month journey by land from Sekal.[2]

Before coming under the reign of the Malazan Empire, it was an independent city-state ruled by a Holy Falah'd. The last Holy Falah'd of Ubaryd was slain by Dassem Ultor during the Seven Cities campaigns.[3]

The people were known as the Ubari.[4]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

During the Whirlwind Uprising the Malazan fleet at Ubaryd was forced to flee and tens of thousands of refugees were driven northeast into the Ubaryd Odhan. Fist Coltaine, fleeing Hissar and Kamist Reloe's Army of the Apocalypse, attempted to bring his Chain of Dogs to safe harbour in Ubaryd before discovering that the city had already fallen.[5]

At least three Ubari legions joined the Army of the Apocalypse against Coltaine at the Battle of Gelor Ridge.[6]

In Night of KnivesEdit

Temper recalled how he and Point of Dassem's First Sword had followed Dassem Ultor into the Palace of Ubaryd's Holy Falah'd after the fall of the city to the Malazans. Finding her bound and tortured by three Claws, Dassem granted her a mercy killing despite the assassins' protest.[7]

Notes and referencesEdit

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