Tumlit was a Malazan noble living in Hissar on Seven Cities. He was an older, bald man whose watery eyes caused him to squint, but who was nevertheless highly observant.[1]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Tumlit was one of the thousand or so nobles among the refugees in Coltaine's Chain of Dogs and one of the primary representatives on the march's ad hoc Council of Nobles.[2] Unlike the other representatives, he was reasonable about their predicament, often dissenting from the others and willing to work with the army for the greater good. When the army conscripted the nobles' servants Tumlit was the only representative to enquire after their welfare. He was also the only person to observe that something strange was going on with the army's wagons and sappers before the Battle of Sekala Crossing.[3]

When the nobles negotiated a separate peace with enemy commander Korbolo Dom at Vathar Crossing, Tumlit was quick to bring it to the attention of Coltaine.[4]

Imperial Historian Duiker had doubts regarding the nobles' claims that Tumlit perished of illness around the time of the Battle of Sanimon.[5]

Notes and referencesEdit

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