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Trygalle in Darujhistan

Interpretation of the Trygalle Trade Guild
Collaboration between Grimhilde, Dolmen, and Corporal Nobbs

The Trygalle Trade Guild was the most effective and most expensive courier service on any continent. They were renowned for using the Warrens to travel from place to place, saving a great deal of time as the Warrens reduced the amount of time needed to travel great distances. They did not, however, acquire the permission of the Warren residents when travelling through, and so were frequently attacked by all manner of demons. This made their job extremely dangerous, and hence expensive. Despite the cost, their services were so highly desired that they did not need to advertise openly.[1]

Trygalle caravans were composed of several enormous gaudily painted carriages, each pulled by nine white horses. Crokus recognized the carriages as manufactured by Bernuk's, just back of Lakefront in Darujhistan. To reduce the risk, travel was conducted at breakneck speed, and the caravans stopped for nothing. The carriages were crawling with heavily armed and armoured shareholders, their weapons darkened and smeared with unknown substances. Despite their speed, the carriages were usually scarred and fire-scorched from encounters within the Warrens. Karpolan Demesand suspected the guild's horses had acquired a thirst for wild terror.[2][3]

The Guild itself originated in the small fortress city of Trygalle, situated south of the Lamatath Plain, on the continent of Genabackis (Coll thought it located near Elingarth).[4][5] It was born of a dubious alliance of mages, one of whom was Karpolan Demesand, and a motley collection of pirates and wreckers. At the time of the march of the Chain of Dogs, the Guild had only recently opened an office in Darujhistan. All employees of the Guild were also made shareholders, increasing their loyalty to the business' success.[6]

Kruppe was a well known shareholder within the guild, and the only one not known to travel with it.

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

The Guild was hired by Dujek Onearm, with some help from Quick Ben and the T'orrud Cabal, to help provision the refugees of the Chain of Dogs after their disastrous river crossing in Vathar Forest.[7] The guild also delivered some much appreciated munitions to Fiddler in Tremorlor.

In Memories of IceEdit

Kruppe was revealed to be an investor in the Guild. He convinced the Noble Council of Darujhistan to hire the Guild to transport supplies to the allied armies of Dujek and Caladan Brood during the war with the Pannion Domin.[8]

In Reaper's GaleEdit

Gruntle joined the Guild after refusing to obey Treach.

Members of the Guild Edit

Notes and referencesEdit

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