Truth was a young Cawn recruit to the Malazan Coastal Guard[1] serving under Corporal Gesler in Seven Cities, although Fiddler later described him as being Falari.[2] He was described as a gangly young man with startling blue eyes.[3] He was one of the last members of the Boar Cult.

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Truth and the crew of the Ripath were attacked in their homeport during the Seven Cities rebellion (the Whirlwind). Aided by Duiker and cadre mage Kulp they fought their way to their ship and retreated by sea. With Hissar burning and no obvious safe harbour nearby, Corporal Gesler followed Kulp's orders to travel to Otataral Island to pick up historian Heboric Light Touch. Accompanying him were Stormy and Gesler.[4]

After rescuing the historian and his companions Felisin Paran and Baudin, Truth was deeply disturbed by the former priest of Fener's lack of faith. Their ship travelled into the Nascent where they commandeered the abandoned vessel Silanda.[5] This vessel was briefly pulled through a Warren where he, Stormy, and Gesler were exposed to magic causing them to begin their transformation into Ascendants. Their skin took on a bronze hue becoming as strong as stone, and their strength and endurance rose to well above normal.[6][7]

By coincidence, the Silanda met Fist Coltaine and his Chain of Dogs at Vathar Crossing. The ship's crew joined Coltaine's army and Marine Captain Lull promoted Truth to full-fledged marine status. The Silanda was ordered to take many of the 7th Army's wounded to Aren, arriving only after the battle ended below its walls. The three marines set out to look for Duiker's body among the crucified prisoners along Aren Way. Along the way, Truth rescued the dogs Bent and Roach from the site of the Fall and convinced the Trell, Mappo Runt, to provide them with healing elixirs. When Gesler and Stormy finally found Duiker's corpse they kept that knowledge from Truth.[8]

In House of Chains Edit

Truth was part of Gesler and Stormy's squad in Adjunct Tavore's 14th Army. He was one of the men who collected bones from the graveyard in Aren to "swallow the omen whole" as part of Fiddler's plan to turn the omen Grub created by pointing a human leg bone at the soldiers mustered before Tavore. He also informed Lostara Yil of his part in the escape of Felisin Paran, Baudin, and Heboric from the Otataral mines.

In The BonehuntersEdit

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Truth.

During the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan, he sacrificed himself by running into the middle of the fires engulfing the palace with a load of Moranth munitions. The resulting explosion allowed the trapped Malazans a passage forward, ultimately saving them.[9]

Significant plot details end here.

Notes and referencesEdit

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