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Trotts was a Barghast warrior and a member of the 9th Squad of the Bridgeburners under Sergeant Whiskeyjack.[2] He served as its 'fist'. He was the last of his own clan, and tattooed on his scarred body was the history of his tribe, a tale five hundred generations long. He claimed kinship, blood-ties knotted at the very beginning, to the First Founders.

Trotts was described as burly,[3] a wide-shouldered man with black hair, braided into a ponytail and knotted with charms and fetishes. His arms were covered in blue woad tattooing, the spiral patterns interrupted every now and then by white scars. He would use a monotone voice when counting in a card game.[4]

As Hedge put it, the Barghast had not been given the name 'Trotts' because he liked jogging...[5]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Trotts was the only Barghast in the Bridgeburners.[6]

In Darujhistan, he used the name 'Niganga'. His presence secured the Bridgeburners employment as guards at Lady Simtal's fete.[1]

In Memories of IceEdit

Trotts played a crucial role in gaining the temporary support of the White Face Barghast tribes in the war against the Pannion Domin when he challenged, and narrowly defeated, Humbrall Taur's son in single combat, thus proving his claim to be a Barghast warleader. His trachea was crushed in the conflict, making it necessary for Mulch to improvise a way of opening a passage for air to get into his lungs, till Mallet could reach the scene and heal him.

Following this battle, he led the various Barghast tribes to Capustan, where the Pannion Domin forces had already breached the walls.

Trotts was killed in the Siege of Coral, along with many of the remaining Bridgeburners. After fighting his way through many Pannion soldiers, he simply collapsed from all his wounds and died.

In House of ChainsEdit

Like most of his regiment, he became an Ascendant of High House Death.

Quotes Edit

"You, sapper, are the scum beneath a pebble in a stream running through a field of sickly pigs."
―Trott, after Hedge successfully crept up behind him[src]

Notes and referencesEdit

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