Trake (also known as Treach) was the Tiger of Summer and Battle.[4] He was a Soletaken[5] First Hero[6] who was born of a Soletaken ritual during the period of the First Empire, and subsequently survived the slaughter delivered by the T'lan Imass.[3] He ascended as a First Hero, but in the thousands of years which followed he slowly lost his conscious mind, remaining locked in his Soletaken beast form.[2][3]

The people of Korel knew him as the Beast of War.[7]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

When Mappo spoke with Ryllandaras he called the D'ivers the brother of Treach and spoke of a chasm between the brothers to have occurred in Dal Hon or Li Heng. Whether this referred to blood brotherhood or a form of friendship was not made clear.[8]

Fiddler said he had been present when Malazan Emperor Kellanved had fought both Treach and Ryllandaras outside Li Heng.[9]

In Memories of IceEdit

Lord of War's Last Stand by Grimhilde

Interpretation of Trake's battle against K'Chain Che'Malle by Grimhilde

While crossing the Lamatath Plain, Toc the Younger found himself seeing through Treach's eyes as the Soletaken lay dying far to the north. The great tiger had been mortally wounded in an encounter with four undead K'Chain Che'Malle K'ell Hunters. As his blood soaked the ground, Treach's human memories returned after millennia of bestial madness. He recalled how the First Empire's Soletaken ritual had unravelled, causing many of the more powerful Soletaken to go mad and splinter into the first D'ivers. Their act also tore a Warren to pieces turning the eastlands of Seven Cities into molten rock that defied sorcery when it finally cooled. When the T'lan Imass arrived to correct the error by exterminating the participants, it was the end of the First Empire.[3]

Treach and his friends, Ryllandaras and Messremb, were among the few survivors and they fled. Treach vaguely recalled battling the man-jackal in a faraway land, sending him falling into an infinite crevasse, while Messremb disappeared.[3]

The dying First Hero was visited by the last Imass, Kilava Onass. She told him the shattered warren had eventually been repaired, and questioned why his memories had chosen now to return. She refused his request for a quick death, and warned that he had been chosen by an unknown Elder God to serve some yet unknown purpose.[3]

Upon Fener's death, Trake Ascended to Godhood, becoming the new God of War, in order to fill the gap left by the Boar of Summer.

In The Crippled GodEdit

Gruntle, who became his Mortal Sword, described Trake as hot iron.[10]

Trake was the son of Kilava Onass.[11]

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