Also known as the Wolf of Winter,[1] Togg was a god of war (an ascended beast) that was thought to be long forgotten. He was recalled among the Barghast as the wolf-spirit named Togctha.[2]

Togg was mate to Fanderay, the She-Wolf of Winter.

Togg was described as a huge, one-eyed wolf, with white, silver-tipped fur.[3] He was said to wear three masks of war - terror, rage, and pain.[4]

An ancient being, he considered the Elder Gods, Draconus, Krul, and the Sister of Cold Nights, young entities compared to himself and his mate.[5]


Togg was separated from his mate, Fanderay, when the Crippled God was called down by rebellious mages attempting to unseat King Kallor 119,739 years before Burn's Sleep. The Fall left him bloodied and claimed one of his eyes. Three years after the Fall of the Crippled God, Togg followed K'rul from afar on Jacuruku and observed the cursing of Kallor. Afterwards, he slipped into the Warren of Chaos searching for Fanderay[5] where he became lost.

In Memories of IceEdit

Toc the Younger and Togg by Matt Smith

Togg and Toc the Younger by Matt Smith

Togg finally regained his senses when he encountered the unconscious human Toc the Younger within the Warren of Chaos.[6] He granted Toc the ability to see visions through his injured eye.

Togg decided to inhabit the body of Toc in order to search for his mate, Fanderay. After Toc's imprisonment by the Pannion Seer, he was awakened to the fact that Fanderay was inhabiting the body of Baaljagg, one of Toc's companions, which drove the wolf inhabiting Toc's body to burst out in search of her. This had the unfortunate result of killing Toc.

To repay Toc for the use of his body, Togg helped Toc's soul migrate to the empty body of Anaster.


  • "Togg's teats"[7]

Notes and referencesEdit

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