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Three Sisters was an inland fortress and town on Fist, near the border between the Kingdom of Rool and Skolati. It lay in a valley on the western side of the broad Ancy River along a trading road that passed over a timber and stone bridge built by the Malazan 6th Army.

The fortress of the Three Sisters consisted of a bailey and stone keep overlooking the shallow rapids from which it received its name. High Mage Ussü thought the fortress "more a glorified tax hut than a defensible fortification." The fortress was surrounded by a sprawling town of farmers and businesses catering to travelers that crossed the bridge.[1]

Three Sisters was commanded by Captain Hender.

In StonewielderEdit

Three Sisters was the site of the longest battle between the Kingdom of Rool and the Malazan Expeditionary Force. The town and fortress were defended by Envoy Enesh-jer's forty thousand Roolian regulars and six thousand veterans of the 6th Army, and Commander Borun's one thousand Black Moranth.[2]

Divisional Fist Rillish Jal Keth's forces quickly infiltrated the bridge during the night to prevent it from being destroyed.[3] The battle soon turned into a stalemate that was only broken after the Moranth were recalled to Paliss. Realising the Roolians' weakness, High Fist Greymane led an assault that captured the town and fortress.[4]

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