The Conspiracy was a poem by Blind Gallan.

First known excerpt Edit

"There's a spider here
in this corner in that —
her three eyes
tiptoe in darkness,
her eight legs
track my spine,
she mirrors and mocks
my pacing.

There's a spider here
who knows all of me
her web my history full writ.
Somewhere in this strange place
a spider waits
for my panicked flight…
―The Conspiracy[src]

Second known excerpt Edit

"This blue city
hides under its cloak
a hidden hand
that holds like stone
a blade envenomed
by the eight limbed Paralt —
the sting brings death
in the span of grief
that marks a final breath —
so this hand defies
sorcery's web
and trembles the gossamer strand
of a spider's deadly threat.
This hand beneath
the blue city's cloak
drives home Power's
gentle balance.
―The Conspiracy[src]

Notes and referencesEdit

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