The Bridgeburners, a poem by Toc the Younger.

First known excerpt Edit

Appeared in Gardens of the Moon as epigraph to chapter four (UK MMPB p.126).

"They were of a kind, then
the histories writ large
in tattooed tracery
the tales a tracking
of old wounds
but something glowed hard
in their eyes — those
flame-gnawed arches,
that vanishing span,
they are their own past
each in turn destined
to fall in line
on the quiet wayside
beside the river
they refuse to name…
―The Bridgeburners (IV.i)
Toc the Younger (b. 1141)[src]

Second known excerpt Edit

Appeared in Gardens of the Moon as epigraph to chapter eight (UK MMPB p.255).

"He stepped down then
among women and men,
the sigil stripped
in her foul cleansing
there on the blood-soaked sand
spilled the lives
of Emperor and First Sword —
so tragic this treachery…
He was of the Old Guard,
commanding the honed edge
of Empire's fury,
and so in stepping down
but not away
he remained the remembrance
before her eyes, the curse
of conscience she would not stand.
A price was placed before him
that he glanced over in first passing
unknowing and so unprepared
in stepping down among women
and men, he found what
he'd surrendered and damned
its reawakening…
―The Bridgeburners[src]

Third known excerpt Edit

Appeared in Deadhouse Gates as epigraph to the Prologue (UK MMPB p.21).

"What you see in the horizon's bruised smear
That cannot be blotted out
By your raised hand?
―The Bridgeburners[src]

Notes and referencesEdit

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