Tene Baralta was a native of the Seven Cities and commander of the Ehrlitan Red Blades. He despised High Fist Pormqual, the Empire's appointed governor.[1]

Baralta wore chain armour and gauntlets with spurred links, and fought with two tulwars.[2][3]

In Deadhouse Gates Edit

Tene Baralta devised a plan to locate Sha'ik, the leader of the Whirlwind uprising. He passed a stolen copy of the Book of Dryjhna to the spy Mebra to offer as bait. Mebra convinced Kalam Mekhar to deliver the holy book to Sha'ik in Raraku while the Red Blades followed.[4]

Baralta, Lostara Yil, Aralt Arpat, and twelve other Red Blades successfully assassinated Sha'ik, but had to flee from her bodyguards Leoman and Toblakai. Afterwards, they rode to announce the news in Pan'potsun.[5] Nevertheless the prophesied uprising against the Malazan Empire had begun.

In House of ChainsEdit

When the 14th Army was created Tene Baralta, now overall commander of the Red Blades, was elevated by Adjunct Tavore to the station of Fist of the 10th Legion. He accompanied the Bonehunters on their mission to stop the Whirlwind and Sha'ik Reborn.

In The BonehuntersEdit

In Y'Ghatan, he was severely burned, leaving him disfigured and without one of his arms.[6] Lostara Yil killed him in Malaz City, after he decided to betray Tavore and the Bonehunters. She sliced his throat and told the two Red Blades guarding his bedroom: "The commander sleeps now. Do not disturb him."[7]

Notes and referencesEdit

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