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Interpretation of Tehol and Bugg by Dejan Delic

Tehol Beddict [teh-hole][1] was an ingenious Letherii citizen. He was a middle child whose brothers were Brys Beddict and Hull Beddict. While acting the fool to trick those around him, Tehol was actually one of the most intelligent humans in existence.

He was good friends with his manservant, Bugg.

Tehol lived off Cul Street on the east side of the Quillas Canal.[2][3]

In Midnight TidesEdit

He was contacted by Shand, Hejun, and Rissarh, three women from subjugated tribes, who had pieced together the story of his financial rise and fall. While it was commonly believed that he had lost all his money, they found out that he had actually purchased a number of islands and relocated some of the decimated tribes there as a tribute to his brother Hull, though he had never admitted this to him.

The women demanded that Tehol help them destroy the Letherii Empire while making them enough money to buy the remaining islands to essentially finish what he had started and truly honour his brother's original intentions which were so sorely abused by the Letherii.

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Bugg was revealed to be the Elder God of the sea, Mael. Ironically, Tehol also despised the sea.

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In Reaper's GaleEdit

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Tehol by Slaine69


Interpretation of Rucket and Tehol by Shadaan

He single-handedly orchestrated this downfall of the Letherii Empire through its financial system, creating chaos which the Malazans used to their advantage in their invasion. Specifically, Tehol borrowed money, constantly, and borrowed more money to pay those debts, effectively draining the city of its finances, then proceeded to flood the city with all his money, crashing the market, so to speak.

Bugg and Tehol saved the academic Janath from her imprisonment under the Patriotists. They were later found and imprisoned themselves.

After the outlawed Bonehunters defeated the Edur, and their emperor was killed by Karsa Orlong, Tehol was crowned king of Lether and thereafter known as "Tehol the Only", with Janath as his Queen.

In Dust of DreamsEdit

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Tehol Beddict by Meonika

Tehol provided Tavore and her army necessary supplies and passage through the Wastelands enroute to Kolanse. He also allowed Brys to accompany them with a large detachment of Letherii forces.

Quotes Edit

"The Holds and their multitude of denizens were invented as dependable sources of blame for virtually anything... Evading responsibility was a proclivity of the human species, it seemed."
―Tehol Beddict, musing on the Holds[src]
"Abject misery lies not in what the blanket reveals, but in what it hides."
―King Tehol the Only of Lether[src]
"Brys, if an army must rally,[...].Well then where better to hide than under the king's bed."
―King Tehol the Only of Lether, discussing the Lether Standard[src]
"In the first five years of King Tehol the Only’s reign, there were no assassination attempts, no insurrections, no conspiracies of such magnitude as to endanger the crown; no conflicts with neighbouring realms or border tribes. The kingdom was wealthy, justice prevailed, the common people found prosperity and unprecedented mobility.
That all of this was achieved with but a handful of modest proclamations and edicts makes the situation all the more remarkable.
Needless to say, dissatisfaction haunted Lether. Misery spread like a plague. No one was happy, the list of complaints as heard on the crowded, bustling streets grew longer with each day that passed.
Clearly, something had to be done…
―Life of Tehol, Janath[src]

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