The Teblor were an isolated sub-group of the Thelomen Toblakai race who inhabited the Laederon Plateau on the continent of Genabackis. The tribes of the Teblor appeared to have several advantages which were wholly contained to their tribe. They had four lungs[1] and healed much more quickly than humans did, to the point where bruises could be seen to visibly fade. They were also invulnerable to infectious diseases and possessed a limited immunity to magic. Lower level magic did not affect them and even High magic may have failed or not have its intended effect. This may have been a natural protection as a result of physiology, or possibly due to their consumption of blood-oil, a compound which may have contained the magic-deadening otataral. This consumption of blood-oil may have also been the cause of their rapid healing, but this was not explained as of The Crippled God.

They worshipped the Faces in the Rock, which they considered to be gods.


The Teblor originally consisted of seven clans, of which four remained:


At some point long before the rise of humanity, the Teblor built cities on Genabackis, but for unknown reasons their blood became "thin and clouded." Icarium, the half-Jaghut/Toblakai, gave them rules to purify their blood, separating husbands, wives, and children into different tribes and giving them laws to live by and a new society based on the raising of horses, hunting, raiding, and fishing. Thousands of years later, the Teblor still lived in their remaining separate tribes, some of which had vanished or became enslaved by nearby humans.

Their elders were known for revising history to glorify and/or legitimize any actions which were later deemed successful. One such event being the history of Pahlk Orlong.

Important CharactersEdit

The tribes of the Teblor and the character Karsa Orlong were the most prominent descendants of the Thelomen Toblakai in the Malazan series. Karsa appeared in Deadhouse Gates, House of Chains, The Bonehunters, Reaper's Gale, Toll the Hounds and The Crippled God. Karsa was a phenomenal combatant, incredibly swift, decisive and vicious. He occupied (unwillingly) the position of Knight of Chains in High House Chains of the Deck of Dragons, though he refused to follow the command of the Crippled God, who laid claim to all those who took positions within the suit.

Notes and referencesEdit

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