Taya Radok was a young dancing girl[1][2] and skilled assassin originally from Darujhistan. She was sent away from Darujhistan by her mother, the High Mage and Mistress of the Assassins' Guild Vorcan Radok, and re-located to Unta with the Lady Batevari.

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Taya Radok.

She was of human appearance but heavier than her slim figure would suggest probably due to being partially or completely demonic. She had pale, muscular shoulders, long black hair, and lined her eyes with kohl.[3][4]

Taya was also a talented mage, able to disappear from enclosed areas in a moment.[5]

In Return of the Crimson Guard Edit

Taya with Daggers by Ylva Ljungqvist

Taya by Ylva Ljungqvist

Taya went to Unta seeking revenge against those she thought responsible for murdering her mother.[6] She was able to avoid notice from Claw counter-espionage efforts. She plotted with the politically ambitious Mallick Rel to successfully assassinate or otherwise remove numerous non-compliant Malazan nobles from the Imperial Assembly.[7]

During the Crimson Guard invasion of Unta she carefully followed Empress Laseen to observe her skills as she fought several of the Avowed in hand to hand combat. Taya even managed to ambush Clawmaster Possum in the process.[8]

Posing as a lieutenant's mistress, Taya accompanied Laseen and her army west to Li Heng where the rebellious Talian League awaited them. During the fighting of the Battle of the Plains Taya lingered in the Imperial encampment where Laseen had her headquarters. Possum spotted her, but was once again outclassed and nearly killed.[9]

Taya eventually used the confusion of the battle to assassinate the Empress while Possum was distracted by the Crimson Guard mage Cowl.[10]

In Orb Sceptre Throne Edit

Vorcan by shadaan

The chained Vorcan and Taya by Shadaan

Taya returned to Darujhistan and allied herself with the Legate, who was her mother's enemy.[11] She was mostly described as wearing a diaphanous white cloth.

She played an instrumental part in the rise of Jeshin Lim's power, up until the point where he had received the council's permission to re-instate the position of the Legate.[12] She then helped the Tyrant impose his will on Jeshin by forcing him to take on the gold mask, making him the Tyrant.[13]

She acted as the Legate's hitman on several occasions, killing several of the people who impeded his way to power in any fashion.[14][15] She also tried to attack and assassinate Rallick Nom, but was beaten back.[16]

Finally, in the Throne room of Majesty hill, she was confronted by Topper, who attacked her for her part in Laseen's assassination.[17] Beaten and bloodied, she retreated back to the Varada estate, where Vorcan asked a pursuing Topper to leave Taya to her. She failed in killing her mother and was in the end imprisoned in chains by her.[18]

Significant plot details end here.

Notes and referencesEdit

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