The man known as Taxilian was a prisoner of the Tiste Edur who was used as an interpreter when they dealt with Malazans. As he did not wish to divulge his name, Samar Dev referred to him as 'Taxilian' based on his origins which she had deducted from the tattoos on his forearms when she and Karsa Orlong saw him with a raiding party of Edur. He later told her that he had been an architect in Taxila.[1][2]

Taxilian had been captured by the Edur as he was trying to flee the plague in Seven Cities aboard a Tanno drake. He had been trying to reach the city of Rutu Jelba.[3]

In The Bonehunters Edit

Samar Dev and Karsa Orlong encountered Taxilian on an Edur ship where he was used as a translator. Samar and he discussed how he had been captured from a Tanno pilgrim ship when an Edur fleet surrounded it. He alone had been kept alive to be used as a translator and was reluctantly teaching Feather Witch the Malazan language.[4] He was witness to the encounter between the Malazan and Edur fleets, where Quick Ben sought to match the power of 100 warlocks wielding Elder magic.[4]

In Reaper's Gale Edit

"This, Icarium, is your day."

Taxilian was held as a guest of the Letherii/Edur Empire while the champions awaited their duels with the Emperor. He explored the city and discovered that there seemed to be an ancient pattern in the way the buildings were laid out. The recent collapse of the Rat Temple revealed the pattern to him.[5]

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Taxilian was present when Icarium walked into the nexus of the ancient structure he had created in Lether.[6]

In Dust of Dreams Edit

Taxilian was part of a group of exiles who wandered in the Wastelands and stumbled upon Kalse Rooted, a seemingly abandoned K'Chain Che'Malle nest. He was accompanied by Sheb, Asane, Breath, Last, Nappet, and Rautos Havanar.

Notes and referencesEdit

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