The Tarthenal were among the descendants of the Thel Akai. On the continent of Lether, the Tarthenal, along with the Faraed and the Fent, had been conquered and enslaved by the Letherii. They lived north of the city Letheras.

Their original culture had been forgotten and one of the few traditions they still remembered were the rituals of propitiation for their terrifying gods. They had five gods, called the Seregahl, the Wrath Wielders. The gods of the Tarthenal were not worshiped to draw their attention and blessings, but instead sacrifices were performed to turn their gazes away and keep them from manifesting.

The Tarthenal gods were killed by Silchas Ruin with help from the Avowed of the Crimson Guard, Iron Bars, and the Tarthenal, Ublala Pung.

The fallen Tarthenal also played a role in the events surrounding the conquest of the Edur.

The Teblor warrior, Karsa Orlong, became their new god.

Known Tarthenal Edit

Notes and referencesEdit

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