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Seven Cities detail

Map Seven Cities detail

Seven Cities subcontinent

Tapur Road ran from Hissar to Ahol Tapur in Seven Cities. At times a mere track, it ran parallel to the coast. About three days' treck to the south of Ahol Tapur it was crossed by what was described as little more than a rutted trail. The trail crossed the Path'apur Mountains and once past the Tapur Road, stretched eastward for another two days' travel before reaching the coast road alongside the Otataral Sea. During more prosperous times, around four hundred years ago, a village had been situated at the crossroad which was renown for the sarcophagi produced there, made from the wood of a rare tree found locally. Only a scatter of hovels with eighteen residents remained.[1]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Barathol Mekhar was one of the eighteen residents of the dwellings at the Tapur Road crossroads.[2]

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