T'rolbarahl were D'ivers, with "the gift of becoming many from one."[1] They were described as huge two-legged, tailed reptilian monstrosities, with hanging oversized and overlong arms and enormous talons. They were "half again as tall as the Toblakai". Their tails were stunted and thick. They possessed broad-snouted jaws crowded with interlocking rows of dagger-long fangs. Above the jaws were "flaring cheekbones and brow-ridges protecting deep-set eyes that glistened like wet stones on a strand. A serrated crest bisected the flat, elongated skull, pale yellow above the dun green hide".

The Emperor Dessimbelackis created the T'rolbarahl during the First Empire and he later ordered them exterminated, concluding that their creation had been a mistake.[2]

Notable T'rolbarahl Edit


"The T’rolbarahl were [...] the culmination of truly human traits, blended with the strength of beasts. Savagery, the inclination towards vicious cruelty, the cunning of a predator that draws no boundaries and would sooner destroy one of its own kind than another. Feeding the spirit on the torn flesh of children. That stunning exercise of intelligence that could justify any action, no matter how abhorrent."
Dejim Nebrahl[src]

Notes and referencesEdit

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