T'iam was the Elder Goddess of the Eleint, also known as dragons. Kilava Onass referred to her as the Mother of all Dragons.

According to a conversation between Osserc, Menandore and Sukul Ankhadu, T'iam sailed out on feathered wings from the dark of another realm.[1]

By a process not yet fully understood, some Tiste became Soletaken by drinking T'iam's blood. The female Soletaken thus created subsequently referred to themselves as T'iam's daughters. It seems that the transformation also required T'iam to mate with a male Tiste.[2]

She was known to have mated with Scabandari Bloodeye and to 'give birth' to Sheltatha Lore. She also mated with Osserc, producing two more daughters, Menandore and Sukul Ankhadu.

Osserc referred to the Soletaken as an extended family whose most precious (or if not precious then certainly most popular) trait was treachery and betrayal.[3]

The creation of the Soletaken resulted in T'iam's death.

Notes and referencesEdit

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