Captain Sweetcreek was an officer in Onearm's Host. She was reportedly a Falari princess with wild red hair and a pretty face. She was fair-skinned, with petite features and wore her hair long.[1]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Sweetcreek was the most senior officer of Dujek's forces not abed with the plague after the Host returned from an assault on G'danisban. When Ganoes Paran caught up with them, he was apprehended as a suspected deserter and brought to Sweetcreek's tent by Futhgar. She ordered him thrown in the stockade, but Paran was not about to be put off and knocked out both the soldier and the captain.[2] Noto Boil healed her fractured cheekbone.[3]

After Paran went into G'danisban to challenge Poliel in her temple, Sweetcreek assumed that he would be killed and told Hurlochel that she was back in command and nothing would change that. At that point the Hounds of Shadow and the Deragoth raced through the camp on their way to the temple leaving her amongst those tossed to the ground.[4]

After Paran's return, Sweetcreek was the one who informed him that although others had recovered, Dujek had succumbed to the plague in his absence. She also told him that all of the officer's had read Dujek's logs and consequently unanimously voted Paran to be their new High Fist.[5]

She continued to bear a grudge against Paran for the punch and voiced her opposition to some of his commands even suggesting to Fist Rythe Bude that the Fists should call a meeting to discuss the situation. Bude told her that she was out of order.[6]

In The Crippled God Edit

Sweetcreek was with Paran's Host that captured the North Citadel in Kolanse. Her 7th, 10th and 3rd squads, 2nd Company got into the rum store during the siege and, it is implied, were assigned to the clean-up crews for the caves.[7]

She was present when Paran presented her sappers with new Moranth munitions.[8]

Notes and referencesEdit

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