Sunrise was selected by Hedge to lead the new contingent of the Bridgeburners.

In Dust of Dreams Edit

As the Bonehunter army prepared to leave Lether, Hedge learned that his sergeant had previously been a man neither rich nor poor, who had invested his excess money in Bugg's Construction company. When Tehol Beddict destroyed the Letherii economy, he lost all of his wealth and his family deserted him. Thus, he joined the Bonehunters to seek a new life. Hedge suggested he take the name "Sunrise" to remind himself of his new life, though originally Lieutenant Pores had named him Twit.

During the battle against the K'Chain Nah'ruk, Sunrise was killed by the Nah'ruk lightning nodes as he pushed Hedge out of the line of fire.


"And then there were the wonderful beasts in those distant lands. Dragonflies big enough to ride— imagine whizzing through the clouds, looking down on everything! Seeing how beautiful it all was, and then dropping hundreds of bombs on it."
―Sunrise daydreaming about being a Bridgeburner[src]

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