Straw was a High Marshal in the Mott Irregulars[1] and an associate of the Bole brothers. He was described as a lanky figure with a long, narrow face, pale watery eyes, tangled brows, a large nose, and big teeth. On his dirt-smeared shoulder was a muddled tattoo that was supposed to represent a treefrog on a stump. He dressed like a grimy farmer and rode one of the odd breed of dray horses that the Irregulars were known for.[2][3]

Among the Irregulars, he was known for asking good questions.[4] He spoke terribly accented Daru.[5]

Straw and the Irregulars fought against the Malazan Empire in the Mott Campaign and later joined forces against the Malazans with the Warlord Caladan Brood.[6] Like the other Irregulars, he hated necromancers and liked wood of all kinds.[7]

In Memories of IceEdit

Despite orders to stay behind at Blackdog Forest, the Mott Irregulars accompanied Brood's army when he allied with renegade Malazan High Fist Dujek Onearm to fight the Pannion War. After liberating Capustan from the Pannion Domin, the allied armies split to separately liberate Lest and Setta. Afterwards, Straw met up with Gruntle, Stonny, and Itkovian on the road to Maurik where the two armies were to be reunited before heading on to Coral.[2]

In the course of conversation, Straw revealed that the Irregulars had spies among the Malazan army's stablers and handlers, a practise going back to the Mott Campaign. He noted that Dujek's forces were being secretly moved by quorl during the night while keeping Brood ignorant of their intentions. When Itkovian asked him whether he had informed Brood of this information, Straw demurred. Brood had ordered the Irregulars to remain at Blackdog Forest and they did not want to anger him by revealing their presence. Also, they disliked Kallor, Brood's second in command.[2]

Straw and the others missed their native forest while on campaign. The lack of trees led to a violent discontent among the Irregulars that not even the recovery of Fiddler and Hedge's gambling table could soothe. The High Marshal said the carriage of the necromancers Bauchelain and Korbal Broach that followed Brood's army was becoming a tantalising target for their energies.[2]

Notes and referencesEdit

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