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Why are you killing us FINAL small

'Why are you killing us?' by Corporal Nobbs

Storm Riders by Shadaan

'Stormriders' Interpretation by Shadaan

Stormriders or Riders, were a race of beings which lived in the deep ocean trench between Quon Tali and Korel.[1] They were isolationist and disliked foreigners.

What appeared to be their armour gleamed sapphire and rainbow opalescent.[2] They were riding waves which would curl into horse-like shapes beneath them.[3] The armour shone like frost and the carried jagged-edged lances.[1]

They were described as fair, with pale hair resembling Tiste Andii.

Their power was of sea and ice and seemed to be connected to Omtose Phellack, however Ieleen, the blind Falaran Sea Witch and pilot of the Silver Dawn, explained that, like Kaminsod, the Stormriders were from another realm.[4]

Both their origin and aims were shrouded in mystery, as they were generally feared and viewed as antagonists, yet one was shown (in the epilogue of Night of Knives) asking a local Malaz City resident "Why are you killing us?"[5]

Their sorcerers were known as Wandwielders.[6]

They gave Greymane the stone sword that earned him his name after he talked with them.

In Night of KnivesEdit

The Stormriders attempted to take advantage of the Shadow Moon to advance against Malaz City with unknown intentions. They were delayed in the harbour by local mage, the Fisherman, until they killed him using an iceberg.[7] By then the opportunity presented by an opening to the Warren of Shadow was over.

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Stormriders were seen by the members of the Crimson Guard on board the Kestral as they were making their way to Stratem. Greymane commented that one of the riders appeared to salute Kyle.[8] Kyle proposed that, rather then him, they might have been saluting Greymane upon which the latter replied that "No. I told them to cut that out long ago". [9]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Ruthan Gudd seems to be turning into a Stormrider as he charges the K'Chain Nah'ruk.[10] His thoughts are that ' This Stormrider crap had better work. But gods below, it does hurt to wear. '[11]

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