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Stormriders or Riders, were a race of beings which lived in the seas stretching from the Sea of Kalt to the Reach[citation needed], south of Stratem to Malaz Island. They were isolationist and disliked foreigners.

Their power was of sea and ice and seemed to be connected to Omtose Phellack, however Ieleen, the blind Falaran Sea Witch and pilot of the Silver Dawn, explains that, like Kaminsod, the Stormriders are from another realm.[1]

When seen, they were usually armored, armed with lances of ice and riding mounts that appeared to be half horse, half wave.

Both their origin and aims were shrouded in mystery, as they were generally feared and viewed as antagonists, yet one was shown (in the epilogue of Night of Knives) asking a local Malaz City resident "Why are you killing us?"

Their sorcerers were known as wandwielders.

They gave Greymane the stone sword that earned him his name after he talked with them.


They were described as fair, with pale hair resembling Tiste Andii.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. "The ignorant speak of the winters of the Stormriders and the Jaghut as if they are the same thing. But that is not so. The Riders are alien. Not of this world. Indeed, some argue that in their original form they were of the frigid black gaps between the worlds." ―Ieleen • Assail, UK TPB, p.436
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