Stonny was a caravan guard[2] and a member of Gruntle's crew, along with Harllo. She was described as very beautiful,[3] with blue eyes, and long,[4] thick hair, which was first described as black[5] and later red.[6] On one occasion, her eyes were described as green.[7]

Stonny had a habit of speaking her mind less than tactfully and was sometimes described as unpleasant.[8] Her confident pace and dark glare was enough to clear her path in any crowd. Gruntle recognised a certain gentle tone in her voice when an explosion of temper was imminent.[3]

She and Gruntle exchanged insults like a married couple who had known each other too long.[9] The two had slept together on a few drunken occasions, but afterwards were largely too embarassed to talk about it.[10]

She originally wore fine green and black Callows leathers.[3] Later, she paid a fortune for clothes whose green colour matched that of a Jaelparda and a cloak whose lining matched the pale gold of a White Paralt's underbelly.[11] In combat, she wore dueling gloves and vambraces, and fought with a rapier and sticker.[8][4]

In Memories of Ice Edit

Gruntle, Stonny, and Harllo were employed by Keruli as caravan guards escorting the merchant from Darujhistan to Capustan, via Saltoan. Along the way, Stonny and Harllo engaged in a long running argument, with Harllo often making crude passes at her.[3] In Saltoan, Stonny took up with an old acquaintance, Nektara. The nature of their relationship was indeterminate, but Stonny allowed the hold-mistress to hold and fondle her in public.[8]

After leaving Saltoan, Gruntle and his crew came across Hetan and her brothers, Cafal and Netok, at a wayside on the Vision Plain. The Barghast trio had journeyed south from their mountains in pursuit of demons said to be on the plain.[8] The Barghast joined the caravan on its journey. Much to Stonny's disgust and possible jealousy, the lusty Hetan took a bit of shine to Harllo and dragged him off into the bushes on the second night. In response, Stonny did the same with the young and inexperienced Netok.[8]

Before the caravan reached Capustan, the demons struck. In actuality, they were undead K'Chain Che'Malle K'ell Hunters. Six attacked the caravan, and Stonny was severely injured before they were rescued by Grey Sword mercenaries and an army of T'lan Imass.[8] She tearfully informed Gruntle that Harllo had perished in the attack.[12]

As they recovered, the Pannion Domin invested the city and the siege began. Gruntle settled into an alcoholic depression, but Stonny volunteered to assist the city's defenders. She secured the city's Port Road Gate with the Grey Swords in the first wave of Pannion attacks. During the fighting, Stonny was raped by a Seerdomin, who she soon killed.[4]

Gruntle's desire for vengeance on Stonny's behalf brought him out of his despair and he joined the fighting in earnest.[13] Stonny was among the small band of followers who fought by Gruntle's side defending a tenement in the Daru District. She was mortally wounded by a Pannion blade, but her life was saved by the Bridgeburner healer, Mallet.[14]

Stonny's assault resulted in the birth of a child, Harllo.

In Toll the Hounds Edit

After Gruntle's ascension, she retired to Darujhistan to form a duelling academy. There she hired Murillio as an instructor.

Notes and referencesEdit

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