"Before the day's through, you bastard, ten thousand soldiers will be voicing your name."
―Commander Blistig, to Squint[src]

Squint was a grey-haired old soldier in the Aren Guard.[1][2] He was a bowman,[3] and known as an expert marksman in Aren.

Squint was short and squat with forearms muscled like hemp ropes, and his eyes were like small, black marbles nested in wrinkles. His uniform appeared not to have been washed or repaired in decades. His longbow was as tall as he was.[4]

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Deadhouse Gates.

In Deadhouse Gates

Squint was given the unenviable task of killing Coltaine to ease his suffering after the Chain of Dogs was massacred outside the city gates and the Fist himself crucified. With a single shot, the weeping bowman struck Coltaine in the forehead at a distance of 500 paces. Without this act of mercy, Coltaine's soul would not have been retrieved by the swarms of crows that descended onto the battlefield.[5]

Enemy commander Korbolo Dom personally called for the bowman's death, but Squint had already disappeared.[6][7]
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Interpretation of Squint by Enaglio

In House of ChainsEdit

Squint was deeply affected by his role in Coltaine's death and retreated into alcoholism. He had to be dragged from a bar and forcibly incorporated into Adjunct Tavore's 14th Army by Blistig and his men.[8]

At the Battle of Raraku, Squint was now an officer in Blistig's 9th Legion. He was part of a small squad guarding the Adjunct, when Karsa Orlong rode onto the field on his Jhag horse. Squint immediately recognised Karsa as a Thelomen Toblakai.[9]

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