Tanno Spiritwalkers were the priests or elders of the Tanno people. They were distinguished by their bright orange robes. The Tanno cult claimed a direct descent from the cult of the Nameless Ones.

They were mages of a form, but their sorcery was sung.[1] Tanno sorcery was elliptical, so a Tanno song was like a serpent eating its own tail. 

Spiritwalkers were devoted to peace, but the power of their songs was said to be immense. The Spiritwalker Kimloc claimed the power to destroy Malazan armies and to potentially raise an individual to Ascendancy. A Spiritwalker only had to touch someone to know their story or history. They could also store some of their power in an inanimate object so that it could be retrieved later even by a non-initiate.[2]

They were also said to possess the power to "quest through a hidden world--not a true warren, but a realm where souls are freed of flesh and bone."[3]

Karakarang was the Holy City of the Tanno cult.[4]

Notable Spiritwalkers Edit

Notes and referencesEdit

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