Spinnock by Puck

Interpretation of Spinnock Durav by Puck

Anomander Rake and Spinnock by Autumn Tavern

Interpretation of Anomander Rake and Spinnock Durav by Autumn Tavern

Spinnock Durav was described as "large for a Tiste Andii, wide-shouldered and strangely bearish [... with] a faint reddish tinge to his long, unbound hair. His eyes were set wide apart on a broad, somewhat flat face, the cheekbones prominent and flaring. The slash that was his mouth was fixed in a grin, an expression that rarely wavered."

A member of the noble House Durav, he was the brother of Cryl Durav and cousin of Faror Hend. He was also a loyal and trusted subject of Anomander Rake.

In Toll the HoundsEdit

Spinnock Durav by Dejan Delic

Interpretation of Spinnock Durav by Dejan Delic

Spinnock was one of the very few Tiste Andii in Black Coral who mixed with the human population. He frequented the Scour Tavern where he played Kef Tanar with his friend, Seerdomin.[1]

In Assail Edit

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There is speculation that Jethiss, the Tiste Andii who traveled with Fisher Kel Tath on the continent of Assail, was Spinnock Durav. This could be inferred from the vague memories that Jethiss had of his previous life.

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Spinnock was a young Warden of the Outer Reach patrolling the shoreline of the Vitr with his cousin, Faror Hend, and Warden Captain Finarra Stone. After Finarra was seriously wounded by a monster from the sea, Spinnock escorted her back to the Warden camp.[2] When Warden Commander Calat Hustain returned to investigate Finarra's reports of a possible invasion from the sea he brought Spinnock with him. Spinnock was witness to the gate that momentarily opened above the sea releasing nine Eleint.[3]

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