Spindle was a mage and sapper with the 7th squad of the Bridgeburners[1] whose method of channeling his Warren disrupted animals when he unveiled it.[2] He once captained a company of sappers for three days.[3]

Spindle was a short, bald man known for wearing a particularly rank black and grey, hooded, thigh-length hair-shirt, allegedly woven from his dead mother's hair.[2] He sometimes spoke of his mother in the present tense.[4] He refused to wash the shirt, saying that his mother never washed her hair when she was alive.[5] Picker believed the shirt was the reason Spindle had survived so many years as a soldier.[6]

"Beneath the skin beneath the hairshirt, there scrabbled the soul of a sapper, half mad - as were the souls of all sappers. Spindle's magery was notoriously unpredictable, and more than once she had seen him unveiling his warren with one hand while throwing a Moranth munition with the other."
Picker prior to the Battle of Black Coral[src]

He had an "eternally sour disposition".[2]

In Memories of Ice Edit

After Dujek Onearm's army went renegade, Spindle was promoted to cadre mage. He led Blend, Detoran, Hedge, Picker, and Trotts into Caladan Brood's command tent to steal Fiddler and Hedge's old card table. Rigged to win card games using the Deck of Dragons, it had been lost as a spoil of war when the Bridgeburner camp in Mott Wood was overrun. Spindle and the squad soon put the table back into action to swindle their fellow soldiers. But the presence of a new and heretofore unknown Master of the Deck card caused the plan to backfire, lightening their own purses.[2] Spindle eventually recognised the face on the new card as that of Ganoes Paran.[7]

Spindle was part of a team of mages, along with Quick Ben, Bluepearl, and Toes, who battled the Pannion Domin at the Siege of Coral. He was among the survivors of the battle. After the battle, he along with several other Bridgeburners retired to Darujhistan, but he left soon after on a pilgrimage to the site of the Barrow of the Redeemer.

In Toll the Hounds Edit

On reaching the pilgrims camp of the Redeemer he discovered a place destroyed by Kelyk. He convinced the ex-Bridgeburner Monkrat to help him save the children of the pilgrims camp before they would be killed.

In Orb Sceptre Throne Edit

Spindle resurfaced at K'rul's Bar in Darujhistan where he recruited Picker and Blend to join him in a surveillance job.[8]

Notes and referencesEdit

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