Spax was warchief of the Gilk Clan of the White Face Barghast. A big man, he had a broad, flat face, filed teeth, and wore shell-armour with fetishes tied everywhere.[1]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Unlike the other White Face clans in the Wastelands, Spax would not remain under the leadership of Onos T'oolan and instead led his Gilk away from the other clans towards the Bolkando kingdom. In Bolkando, Spax met Queen Abrastal and the Gilk joined her Evertine Legion as an auxiliary company.

The Gilk traveled with the Evertine Legion and Spax served as an officer and advisor to Queen Abrastal, whom he called "Firehair". He also began bedding her daughter Spultatha, whom he called "Wildcat".

In The Crippled GodEdit

Spax and his Gilk clan travelled with the Perish, Letherii, and Bolkando forces around the southern edge of the Glass Desert and then into Kolanse to battle the Kolansii armies of Reverence and her Forkrul Assail.

At the Battle of Blessed Gift, Spax led the Gilk and Tarthenal forces in a raid along the Kolansii road beside the main defending forces in order to cut off enemy reinforcements. The night before, Spultatha - angry at him because she had become pregnant - had bitten his penis which caused him great pain as he ran into battle.[2]

Notes and referencesEdit

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