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Soulshifting was regarded to be an ancient and lost magical art.[1] The practice shifted the soul of a being into that of another person or an inanimate object. Legend said that it used the Elder Magic of Kurald Galain.[2]

Quick Ben had absorbed the souls of eleven members of a mage cabal when he was on the run from the company that eventually became the Bridgeburners.[3]

He performed an act of soulshifting upon Hairlock which the latter and Tattersail at the time thought to be the first such undertaking in a thousand years. Hairlocks soul was shifted from his mortally wounded body into that of a marionette. During the ritual, webs of black energy spun over the wrapped puppet which was laid upon Hairlock's body, then encompassed his wounded body as well. The threads traced a chaotic pattern until Hairlock drew his last breath.[4]

Some months later, Tattersail soulshifted into the remains of Nightchill, although this was not a planned soulshift and the resultant creation of Silverfox was likely unintended.[5]

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