Sormo E'nath was the re-incarnation of the greatest Wickan warlock of the same name.[1] In his previous life, he lived to be an old man until he was captured and spiked to a wall at Unta on the orders of Empress Laseen. His soul was so great it took eleven crows to take his soul for no single creature could hold it.[2]. Instead, it was said that it took eleven days for him to die as a crow arrived each day to take a portion until his remains were gone. He was subsequently reborn and was said to be about ten years old at the time he served as the leader of Coltaine's warlocks.[3]

Sormo appeared to be a tall, bow-legged boy with dark eyes who wore a cloak with a goat's-head cowl. He spoke with a reedy voice that often broke as his body was on the verge of manhood. The Malazan mage saw the aura of an ancient man about the boy and claimed to smell the scent of mare's blood on him. This indicated that the warlock had once reached the Time of Iron, a period when a Wickan warlock reached the greatest flowering of his power.[4]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Sormo and his cadre of child warlocks accompanied Coltaine when the Fist was given the command of the Malaz 7th Army in Hissar. There, he unwittingly conducted a ritual that revealed the convergence of Soletaken and D'ivers known as the Path of Hands.[5]

When the Whirlwind rebellion drove the 7th Army out of Hissar, he became one of Coltaine's Chain of Dogs. He and his cadre had the advantage over their enemy High Mage Kamist Reloe during the first half of the march. The chaos in the warrens due to the Path of Hands prevented their access for use in magic. Instead, the Wickan warlocks were able to turn to the spirits of the land while Reloe went without.[6] After the Battle of Sekala Crossing, Sormo, Nil, and Nether unleashed the spirits to destroy the tribal god of the Semk.[7]

Sormo was lost during the Battle of Vathar Crossing. He fell pierced with arrows while attempting to stop the massacre of refugees crossing the River Vathar. His soul was taken from the water by an enormous swarm of yellow butterflies.[8]


Sormo's great power may have been the result of his possessing the combined souls of eleven warlocks. When Sormo conducted the ritual at Hissar, the backlash was so powerful that he noted, "Somewhere a crow flaps broken-winged on the ground. There are but ten left."[9] By the time of his death at the River Vathar, Duiker stated that Sormo carried within him the spirits of eight elder warlocks.[10] Presumably two others had perished during the brutal march.

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