Soletaken were a lower order of shape-shifter[1] than D'ivers. They sembled between a single humanoid form and a single other form. This was made possible by a ritual which involved the use of the blood of the creature into which the person veered into. All Imass Bonecasters were Soletaken,[citation needed] and there were Soletaken among most races.

T'lan Imass, Soletaken, and D'ivers shared a mysterious bond of kinship.[2]

Nomenclature Edit

It was common when Soletaken were being spoken of that the word "veer" was used when they were transforming into the creature, while "sembling" was used for the reverse, when they turned back into their original form.


When a Soletaken was in the process of transforming, they appeared as an uncertain blurring and were strangely insubstantial. There was "a folding in of darkness itself" as the change completed.[3]

Scent Edit

The "spice of shapeshifters"[4] was often noted in areas where either D'ivers or Soletaken have been in large numbers (sometimes long in the past),[4][5][6] where they have veered or sembled recently, in the vicinity of a recently veered/sembled individual,[7][8][9][10][11] or preceding a transformation.[12][13] It was, at least in one instance, a wood spice,[14] while elsewhere it was described as both sharp[7] and sickly.[8] It was also described as stale when the Soletaken were undead.[13]


Like a D'ivers, a Soletaken's fangs and claws spread a virulent infection that usually caused hallucinations, madness, and death. Those that survived their terrible wounds faced the possibility of recurring bouts of insanity several times a year for the rest of their lives.[15]

Selected SoletakenEdit

Soletaken EleintEdit

Draconus and K'rul also took the form of eleint, however, their shifting was due to their Azathanai nature.


In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Soletaken and D'ivers sought the Path of Hands which promised Ascendancy to those shape-shifters who gained it. Many were killed in the convergence that followed, and others, misled by High House Shadow, were taken by the Azath House, Tremorlor. Due to the vast number of them moving through the Imperial Warren, the spice of shapeshifters was strong enough to be used by Kalam to determine their movements.[5]

In Memories of IceEdit

While recalling the ritual that created the First Heroes of the First Empire, Treach noted that it had unravelled unexpectedly and unpredictably. The strongest Soletaken were gripped by madness and splintered into pieces, birthing the D'ivers. The T'lan Imass attempted to exterminate those Soletaken and D'ivers created by the process.[3]

Notes and referenceEdit

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