"Smiley's" was an infamous tavern in the Docks Quarter of Malaz City, Malaz Island, formerly owned in partnership by Dancer and Kellanved. Surly used to work as a barmaid there. Banaschar described it as "where rats go to die",[1] while the sailors of the Ragstopper all agreed that the food was truly awful.[2] Inside, "Smiley's" was very dark and gloomy, lit only by some tallow candles (provided by the local wax witches, who frequented the bar), set out on blackened tables.[3]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

After arriving in Malaz City through the Deadhouse, Fiddler hoped to rendezvous with Kalam Mekhar at "Smiley's", a place they both knew well.[4]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Sergeant Hellian forced Banaschar (by putting him 'under arrest') into "Smiley's" for a round (or three) of drinks before taking him back to the ships of the Malazan 14th Army, which were anchored in the harbour of Malaz City.[5]

The proprietor of the tavern was described as "...a pike-thin Dal Honese of indeterminate age, each eye looking in a different he smiled unctuously..." - who also happened to be a well-disguised Kenryll'ah demon.[6]

In The Crippled GodEdit

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The Crippled God.
Years later, many residents of Malaz City thought that "Smiley's" was just a story, a haunting, perhaps - people sometimes thought they heard voices on the night air, tankards clunking, laughter, and sad, very sad, fiddle music. But, in fact, Fiddler had at last retired to Malaz City and, while 'fishing' by day, now spent his nights playing his fiddle at the bar that only certain people could now actually find.[7]

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