Smiles was a young, female soldier in 4th Squad, 9th Company, 8th Legion of the Bonehunters. She was originally from a small village in Itko Kan and had a twin sister who was sacrificed to the Elder God Mael before she left.[1] The name 'Smiles' itself was a pseudonym given to her by Master Sergeant Braven Tooth due to her disinclination to smile. She was a member of Fiddler's squad, and frequently came into conflict with her fellow squad member Koryk. Later on during the Letheras invasion Smiles showed admiration and sexual interest towards Koryk due to his battle abilities.

She was rather skilled with her knives.

In The BonehuntersEdit

Smiles was one of the group of soldiers who survived the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan by tunneling their way out from under the city after it was burned by Leoman of the Flails.[2]

In The Crippled GodEdit

Shortnose thought of her as a 'pretty little woman'.[3] Smiles began distancing herself from Koryk.[4]


Smiles: "...We’re going to kill her, you know."
Bottle: "Really. Well, I won’t shed any tears. Who is this “we” anyway?"
Smiles: "Me and Cuttle. He’ll distract her, I’ll stick a knife in her back. Tonight."
Bottle: "Fist Keneb will have you strung up, you know."
Smiles: "We’ll make it look like an accident."
―Smiles and Bottle talking about their new captain, Faradan Sort[src]

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