Skulldeath, formerly Tribole Futan, was the last surviving male of the Futani royal line of the Gilani tribe of southeast Seven Cities. He was a 23-year old marine in the 8th Legion, 3rd Company, 10th Squad of the Malaz 14th Army. Skulldeath was not tall but very strong as his physique was pure muscle and devoid of all fat. He had dark, almond-shaped eyes which were considered to be quite feminine.[1]

Skulldeath fought in the Gilani style with his two giant tulwars which had once belonged to his great-uncle, a Falah'dan champion. He performed patterns like the "lishgar efhanah", the leaping attack, or the Edged Net as it was also called — a specific jumping mid-air attack against the enemies heads, which killed them instantly.[2]

It was inferred that he was given the name Skulldeath by Master Sergeant Braven Tooth in Malaz City who was known for his apt naming of recruits.[3] The name was likely based on Skulldeath's fighting style with which the Sergeant would have been familiar. Bottle and Koryk speculated that the name might have been a reference to the Skulldeath plant, found on Malaz Island. The plant had only male specimens, but was still able to produce by spreading pollen which infected the seeds of other plants.[4]

Skulldeath was considered very attractive by both genders and did not have any concerns about indulging in same sex relations, as he did not consider these liaisons to be infringing on his vow to only have relationships with, presumably female, royalty, as long as he did not spill his seed and "such was his discipline that he had not spilled seed once, not even in his sleep".

In Reaper's GaleEdit

Skulldeath used his leaping fighting style to kill seven Tiste Edur who had cornered Smiles and Koryk.[5]

He developed an infatuation for Sergeant Hellian during the Malazan invasion of the Tiste Edur-controlled Letherii Empire when she drunkenly stated that she was the "Queen of Kartool".

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