The Shriven referred to all those who were under Forkrul Assail control but without sufficient Forkrul Assail blood to be considered Watered. They were mostly indistinguishable from humans. Not all Shriven had Forkrul Assail blood in them. They were not automatically dedicated to the Forkrul Assail cause. The Forkrul Assail Pures controlled them with their voice.

It was said that during the pacification of the South Kingdoms, not once had the Shriven refused their submission.

It was also a name by which the Soldiers of the Forkrul Assail empire in Kolanse were known. It took a Forkrul Assail Pure to unleash battle frenzy in Shriven soldiers although mixed-blood commanders could keep them fighting beyond normal bounds of willingness and endurance.

Notes and referencesEdit

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