Setoc of the Wolves had once been named Stayandi, and was said to have been born among wolves. She lived among the Gadra clan of the Barghast who had found her and taken her in.

She was the Destriant of the Grey Helms.

In Reaper's GaleEdit

Stayandi was a mute Letherii child, whose farm was destroyed by Redmask's K'Chain Che'Malle to draw out the Letherii forces. She was orphaned as a result.

Seemingly the wolves at this point adopted her as one of them.

In Dust of DreamsEdit

She appeared as an outsider among the Gadra. When the Gadra journeyed to war, Setoc, Torrent, and Cafal parted way with the clan. Setoc and Cafal journeyed together for a time through the Beast Hold, to reach the Senan.

In the aftermath of the Barghast uprising against Onos T'oolan and his family, Absi and his half sisters were left in the care of Setoc. They escaped, and along with Torrent, met the stranded caravan of the Trygalle Trade Guild in the Wastelands.

In The Crippled GodEdit

Setoc and her companions were still travelling with the surviving members of the Trygalle Trade Guild, Precious Thimble, Faint, Sweetest Sufferance, Gruntle, and Amby Bole as well as Mappo Runt and the individual known as Cartographer when Olar Ethil appeared and laid claim to Absi. To avoid opposition, Olar Ethil made deals with the adults. Setoc was swayed by Torrent not to interfere. Her wolf ghosts were terrified of Olar Ethil.[1]

Setoc showed signs of precognition, telling Faint several things that did subsequently come to pass.[2]

Setoc left the others and joined with the army of the Perish Grey Helms, now led by Shield Anvil Tanakalian. She raped his mind, discovering his ambitious and petty nature.

On the eve of the Battle of the Spire, the Grey Helms were visited by the former Mortal Sword Krughava. She challenged the Wolves' presumption that they could win the war against the humans. Enraged, the Wolves' attempted to kill Krughava, tearing apart Setoc's body as they manifested.

Notes and referencesEdit

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