Brother Serenity was a Forkrul Assail Pure, one of the Lawful Inquisitors.[1]

He was described as being tall with skin white, and pallid yellow hair which hung in limp strands.

In Midnight Tides Edit

Serenity was released from enchanted bindings and decimated the town of Brous. He was found by Fear, Trull, Rhulad Sengar, and their entourage which included Udinaas, a K'risnan, and two Kenryll'ah demon brothers. Serenity killed Rhulad before being driven off by the two Kenryll'ah, who followed him excitedly.[2]

In The Crippled God Edit

Serenity led Commander Erekala and his Perish Grey Helms against Paran's Host. He was assassinated by Quick Ben and Kalam Mekhar.

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