Map Quon Tali

Quon Tali

The Septarch District was located in the city of Kartool on Kartool Island off the coast of Quon Tali. It was the most peaceful area in the city as it contained few commercial buildings and what residential properties there were, mostly housed acolytes and staff of the dozen temples along the district's main avenue. Many of those temples had a neglected look about them. The fist-sized yellow-banded spiders which were found all over the city liked the ornate architecture, domes and towers and the priests were fighting a loosing battle trying to keep them out, causing pedestrians to walk over chitinous rubbish.[1]

The name of the district originated in history as once upon a time only seven religions had been permitted on Kartool, those of Soliel, Poliel, Beru, Burn, Hood and Fener which were sub-servient to the main religion of D'rek, based at the local Grand Temple. With the conquest of the Island by the Malazan Empire, new religions arrived and with them temples for the Queen of Dreams, Dessembrae, Togg, Oponn and Shadow.[2]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Sergeant Hellian was a city guard in this district before she joined the Bonehunters.[3]

Notes and referencesEdit

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