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Lady Envy and the seguleh by dejan delic

Interpretation of Lady Envy and the Seguleh by dejan-delic From left to right – top: Garath, Lady Envy, Mok, Baaljagg; bottom: Thurule, Senu

Senu was a masked Seguleh[1] warrior. By his own admission, he was fourteen years old and an Eleventh Level Initiate. Like his people, he chose not to speak, instead using body language to communicate with those around him. He was described as a short, lithe man with dark eyes.

In Memories of Ice Edit

Senu and two other fellow Seguleh, Thurule and Mok, were either enchanted or coerced into the service of Lady Envy before they were introduced to Toc the Younger and Tool. Since he and his brothers were the Seguleh "Punitive army" aiming to directly challenge the Pannion Seer, he travelled with them in order to fight the Pannion Domin.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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